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My Genetic Wellness Profile is a report designed for you to optimise your health and wellbeing.

Your DNA makes you unique. While we can’t change our DNA we can change our lifestyle to modify our genetic predisposition. This report will empower you to take more control in improving your quality of life and assist you in how your genes can influence many aspects of your health including fitness, heart health, weight management, vitamin metabolism and taste preferences by as much as 30-80%. Your Genetic Wellness Profile is a personalised report covering over 37 highly researched genes spanning these 5 areas of health and wellness.

With a single saliva swab, analysed in a local Australian lab, you can understand how your genetic makeup contributes to health parameters such as:

  •  Your body size and weight;
  • Snacking and eating habits, taste preferences to specific foods
  •  Hunger and appetite regulation
  •  How your body stores and processes dietary fats;
  •  Muscle power, endurance, stamina and recovery
  • Heart health
  • Personal vitamin and  nutrient requirements and processing needs;
  • Processing of caffeine and dairy
  • Power, endurance and recovery risk when you exercise

Your profile will provide guidance to help modify the effects of your genes through dietary and lifestyle changes that are as unique as your DNA. It can provide actionable advice that is easy to implement. Understanding your genetics will take you one step closer to personalising your health and wellbeing.

Please note this test will not identify specific diseases, biological relationships or suspected diagnosis of a medical condition, intolerance or allergy.