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Walk through your ImuPro Basic or Complete test results with our Bachelor qualified In-House Naturopath, Hannah.

Book a dedicated 30 minute session if you would like a deep dive into your personal results and one-on-one help with:

  • How to understand your personal results and move forward with confidence & clarity.
  • Ideas for planning your 4 day rotation and 5-8 week elimination phase.
  • How to correctly re-introduce foods in the provocation phase.
  • How to identify hidden ingredients eg. supplements, skin care, health foods.
  • What to do if your results are positive to Candida or cross reactions.
  • Ask any questions you need answers to.

After placing your order, we will be in touch via email with a Calendly link to book your 30 minute session at a time that suits you.

Please note the Results Walkthrough is designed for the ImuPro Basic and ImuPro Complete tests only. If you wish to go over results of multiple tests, please book a Naturopath Consultation (1 hour).

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