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The Total Package


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For the person who wants it all.

The Total Package includes all of our wellness tests, including a naturopath consultation, to cover every area of your health.

Invest in your health and save $287.


What's in the Total Package?

The Total Package includes 8 wellness tests and a consultation;

✔️ ImuPro Complete 270 Foods IgG Food Allergy Test. Read more

✔️ Histamine Intolerance Test (DAO). Read more

✔️ Comprehensive Stool Flora Analysis. Read more

✔️ NeuroSpot+ Sress Test. Read more

✔️ LipoScan & Oxidised LDL

✔️ Fatty acids status

✔️ Lp(a) cholesterol test

✔️ Genetic Wellness Profile. Read more

✔️ Consultation with qualified in-house practitioner. Read more

All results are sent directly to you by email.


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