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“It is the best money I ever spent! Your health is your wealth..”

renee minnock – wa

Hi Imupro team, namely Julie and Hannah who helped me with the first tests for my son and then myself.

Your whole team is so helpful and the actual test (we did the Complete 270) has been life changing for our family. So much so that nearly every member has had the test and our family and friends who could see the amazing improvement we had.

My son went from being a sickly and very temperamental little guy who I just knew he wasn’t. It was as if he was not thriving. We were in and out of doctors/ hospital every month. To then after 1 week, a completely a different child, he grew 5cm in the first 2 weeks, he put on weight, he started to have muscle development and he was so much happier in of himself.

The same happened for me if not more profound as I had years of chronic pain and constant fogginess – not quite depression but some resemblance. After 3 days of elimination I felt 21 (I am 33) I had energy, I felt rested after I slept, no bloated stomach, after 2 weeks I lost 10kg not of body fat, but what felt like inflammation pudge. I could move and was agile again. I could play at the park with my kids not just sit on the bench and watch in agony. My mind was clear for the first time… since I can remember.

I can not speak higher of the benefits of doing this test, to better understand what your body can and can’t tolerate. The importance of healing the gut and then giving the body time to heal some other things along the way.

This test has made it so that I can get to the route cause of many issues – surprisingly a lot were food related but a couple were thought patterns. When you eat something you don’t know you can’t tolerate, and you only have a issue 1 or 2 days later you will never know it’s the food so you will gaslight yourself and blame other things and inflammation causes a whole number of things, so then you are in a constant state of blah and you may feel good one day out of 10.

That is not a life.

That is not a way to thrive.

This will become the norm, but you are in survival mode all the time.

Being aware of the mental changes I think helps immensely and helps to retrain your brain as you heal your guts to then get to where we are now. Happier, healthier ( not seen a doctor in almost a year!) and able to tolerate foods we once could not.

Thank you so much to my beautiful friend who referred me.

I hope this helps anyone who is unsure of what the test is and how could it possibly change your life.

It is the best money I ever spent! Your health is your wealth.


“Thank you for your amazing service.”

shiree kay – VIC

Hi everyone

I just wanted to thank you for your amazing service and prompt responses starting with you Julie, all the way through.

The information received whilst comprehensive, is informative and I’m working my way through, with a reasonable understanding to get going.

Thank you again for helping me and I’m sure I’ll be in touch shortly to book further.


“It is truly life changing…All my symptoms have disappeared.”

linda hay – Sydney NSW

I just wanted to say thank you for providing this amazing service. It is truly life changing. I was suffering chronic fatigue, debilitating  joint and muscle pain, severe bloating.and stomach cramping and pain.

I  had to quit my job due to the fatigue and was on the waiting list for specialist appointments in  immunology and gastroenterology when I found your service.

On day 12 of the elimination, I woke up buzzing with energy. That week was crazy, I reckon I had adhd! I was frantically on the go from the minute I woke up till I went to bed, bouncing from one activity to the other with no concentration whatsoever.

Fun as that was, I’m happy to say I now feel completely normal!!  All my symptoms have disappeared.

The elimination was brutal at first as I had to cut out so many food groups, but the results are absolutely worth it.

Thank you so much.


“ImuPro have been a vital part of my good health journey”

Jillian wood – Sydney NSW

ImuPro have been a vital part of my good health journey.

I was diagnosed with coeliac disease 20 years ago, but although I adhered to a strict gluten free diet, I continued to suffer from gut issues, inflammation and low vitality.

I did my first ImuPro test a number of years ago and within days of eliminating the offending foods I quickly started regaining good health and vivacity.

In the last year, although I ate a very clean GF diet and avoided identified offending foods, I started to experience inflammation, high cholesterol and other health issues.

I did another comprehensive ImuPro test to discover I had developed an intolerance to some fruit and vegetables I was consuming almost daily. Within weeks of following my personalised diet, my GP described my cholesterol levels as perfect, my inflammation is almost non-existent and I have energy to burn.

I am back in the gym weight training and I’m amazed at how quickly by body recovers and how much strength I have gained. In fact, I receive regular comments on my lean muscle development, including a suggestion I enter a fitness competition. Not bad for a 60 year old!

If you want to achieve optimum health and vitality, I feel that undertaking an ImuPro test will be a key step in helping you succeed.

I can’t thank Hannah and the team enough for their amazing support and advice.

“Really appreciate the work you are doing”

Melanie – Sydney NSW

Really appreciate your help and support on my health journey – I’d taken a number of allergy tests – but yours has appeared to be by far the most in-depth and seems to be the most accurate as well, both my fiancé and I took a host of allergy tests and it was great to see on the ImuPro test he came back almost all “green” whereas I had a lot of things to action – which is certainly reflected in the inflammation in each of our bodies (he’s healthy and I have rheumatoid arthritis).

Really appreciate the work you are all doing – it feels like it’s still very early in the world’s understanding of health – and looks like you are pioneering it forward.

“I recommend you to everyone with unexplained eczema”

Jemma and her son Kai, 5 years old – new zealand

I have 4 young boys, 3 of which have varying degrees of eczema. We had tried everything from creams to gut healing to Karen Fischer eczema diet, gluten free, dairy free, supplements, probiotics- EVERYTHING! My 4 year old son Kai’s eczema was becoming so severe he actually stopped thriving. We initially started using the steroid creams/regime prescribed by the doctor but he was declining every day. After 6 months of trying every cream natural or otherwise, changing washing powders/cleaning products to eczema friendly ones, we were referred to the hospital. They came up with more steroid cream and an IgE allergy test which came back positive to cats, grass and dust mites being the worst. No IgE allergies to any foods tested – dairy, nuts, eggs, soy, fish etc. We had no cats and he didn’t go outside on the grass. I bought all the anti-dust mite bedding (so expensive), he had a new bed and all 100% cotton sheets, duvets, pillows etc. 60 degree hot washes every other day, no soft toys, vacuumed every day, but it never made any difference.

Getting more and more desperate I came across the Karen Fischer eczema diet. I started all 3 boys on it, initially after 3 months all 3 boys skin cleared to about 90% and they were really clear for about 2 months, then the eczema starting coming back again for all of them despite still being on the diet 100%. The boys were actually miserable because the diet was so restrictive and their skin was terrible and Kai was in a constant torment of itching especially at night. He would wake every hour for at least 30min in these itching episodes. My husband or I had to sleep with him so he didn’t scratch himself apart, which he managed to do anyway. He lived in cotton tights, socks and cotton long sleeve tops – I had to sew the ends of the sleeves together so he couldn’t scratch. His skin didn’t actually look as bad as you can imagine, probably because we took so much care keeping it moisturised. We had weaned him off steroid cream and emulsifying ointment because we had got to the strongest steroid cream and none of it worked.

They all went back to eating a more relaxed diet because it was Christmas 2018 and they were all miserable. Kai just kept getting worse. A friend of mine whose daughter had been in the same situation was at her wits end. She had also been to skin specialists and everything else like me, but her daughter was getting worse. She came across a nutritionist who was an old friend. She got her the ImuPro test along with supplements specific for her after her results. Her daughter cleared to perfection! So that’s when I decided to do it too. I went through the same practitioner and did your test. We also got supplements specific for Kai. Vit D, Vit E oil (couldn’t have fish oil because he was intolerant to fish from his test), probiotics and a gut healing powder without gluten, soy etc. We put all the kids on Kai’s ImuPro recommended diet because it was easier to cook that way and it was fairer on Kai.

After a week Kai had stopped itching during the day. He still itched at night but only woke 3 times. He just got a little bit better and better every day. After about a month on the ImuPro diet and on Kai’s 5th birthday, he wore shorts and a t-shirt for the first time! His skin was about 70% better after a month on ImuPro. We kept him from starting school until term 3 because we were focusing on getting him better and stronger so he could cope. I think he had actually stopped growing during the time he was so unwell.

Fast forward 6 months and we have a totally different child. His skin is clear 99% of the time (sometimes has little tiny flares), he is happy and was able to start school. No more bloody sheets or uncontrollable itching (although he still itches at night even though his skin is clear, it’s like it’s become a habit), no more 4 x a day daily creaming in lotions. His eyes are full of life and he is thriving. He is still avoiding all trigger foods. I am so grateful beyond words for the life-saving service you provide. I recommend you to everyone I come across with unexplained eczema.

“This has truly been life changing”

Jennifer – Perth, WA

Hi Cassie,

I’ve been meaning to email you to let you know about my experience with the ImuPro test.

I have had inflammatory arthritis for nearly 20 years and have been taking biologic drugs for about 15 years. For the last couple of years I’ve struggled with the effectiveness of these medications leading to more flares and my disease becoming increasingly unstable. On top if this I recently have been experiencing a lot of stomach issues related to the disease but not able to be treated.

When I started the elimination I was suffering from a particularly bad flare-up. Within 3 days I noticed improvement and within 5 days was back to normal. This has never occurred without medical intervention and a very precarious cocktail of some hefty drugs and can take months to get back on track.

I’m absolutely thrilled with the outcome and wished I done this years ago. I’m still on my core arthritis medications but my goal was to get back to stability and allow the medications to work. That has been achieved and the stomach issues have vastly improved also.

I had always suspected for a while that food was exacerbating my symptoms but had no idea where to start. If I’d tried this myself I would’ve failed and given up.

I have recommended this to pretty much everyone I know, including my rheumatologist. I know a few have taken it up and I’m sure more will.

Thanks again for your assistance this has truly been life changing.

Best regards,

“Impressed by comprehensive result”

Dr Nicholas J Barker – Redcliffs, Victoria

I was delighted to receive my results from ImuPro recently. I was very impressed by the comprehensive nature of the analysis. As a practicing G.P. ordering pathology tests all the time, one expects a brief set of figures with very little in the way of discussion. This is not the case however with ImuPro.

The food intolerance chart is incredibly detailed, covering some 271 separate items. Reading it is not a daunting task, in fact it is very “user friendly”. The format is set out in an easy to read style. The food items are subdivided into related groups. The severity of the reaction is colour-coded enabling one to skip sections and home in on the significant items. This style enables the patient to grasp quickly the fundamental points during the consultation thereby making the limited time more productive.

Equally as impressive are the follow-through booklets which accompany the results. One booklet is devoted entirely to a discussion of each of the food and additives tested, where they originate and more particularly, where they could be hidden. This section appears written for the novice (like me) and broadens one’s understanding of the nature of the food we all consume.

“Life has become so much easier and enjoyable”

Jenny Marshall – Mount Gambier SA

Thanks so much for my results. They answer so many questions. I have eliminated the elevated and highly elevated foods from my diet over the past few weeks and have found a marked difference. I have been suffering with lower gut pains for years and it is so nice to finally understand why. My gut pains have gone, along with joint pain and flu-like symptoms. My neuropathic pain has also reduced a great deal. I cannot tell you how much better I feel and how grateful I am for the results.

I had also been suffering from headaches and backaches before changing my diet. This all went with the diet change. Also, I found in the first three days I sweated at nights and went to the toilet a lot. In the first week I had lost a great deal of fluid and the result of the diet was already evident. The pains, heaviness and negativity I was experiencing seemed like bad PMT. I often assumed I was just hormonal. The gut pains worsened when I had my period.

My concentration is amazing. Before the diet change I would be distracted by the pain and fought to suppress my mood. I found the stress would set off my adrenaline. It is just so much easier. It is amazing! Now I can now enjoy teaching which I love. My other work is so much easier too. I’m an accountant and often need to give quick responses in board meetings and when explaining issues to my clients. My concentration is so much better. My mind is clearer.

I’m just so happy as life has become so much easier and enjoyable. I have also found that I can now live in the present. The pain had been so bad that I would focus on anything but the present moment.

Thank you!

“Never felt better”

Glenda – Northern NSW

Glenda (62 years old) suffered from Diabetes Type 2, taking daily medication for her illness. For most of her adult life she was a regular size 12, but around 10 years ago she begun suffering from severe bloating – some mornings she would have breakfast and by 10am had ballooned to a size 22 around the stomach.

After visiting her GP and trying many different antibiotics and medications, seeking advice from friends and colleagues, and even trying a special Vietnamese diet of fresh fruit and vegetables, Glenda heard about the ImuPro food intolerance test through a friend and decided to give it a go.

Glenda’s ImuPro results showed an intolerance to 37 foods – some of these were common foods like cow’s milk, gluten and eggs, but some were much more obscure foods such as chickpeas, almonds and soy.

3 weeks after starting the ImuPro diet, Glenda had lost 9 kilos. Her bloating had decreased, and she noticed a significant glow to her skin, eyes and hair. As well as this, Glenda’s blood sugar levels were back to normal and she was even given the OK by her GP to stop taking her Diabetes medication! The only time she has noticed an increase in her symptoms was when she slipped and ate something she wasn’t supposed to.

Glenda says “while changing my diet so significantly was a huge challenge in the beginning, I’ve actually really enjoyed discovering new foods, and seeking new recipes or variations on the old ones. ” Glenda was pleasantly surprised at the range of foods available in supermarkets to people who suffer from food intolerances.

3 months later, Glenda is back to wearing size 12 pants all day! She has lost centimeters off her bust, waist, and hips. She says she has never felt better! An athletic person in her youth, Glenda recently went for her first run in years and is very much looking forward to an active, healthy lifestyle thanks to her decrease in health problems since being on the ImuPro diet.

“Lost 10 kilos – very happy”

Nik apostolout – melbourne, vic

Nik (40 years old) had been suffering severe diarrhoea attacks for the last 6 years. Although he thought it must have been something he was eating he was never sure of the offending food. Nik often woke up bloated in the morning and would attribute that to just overeating. However, even when he cut down on his food intake he still found the same symptoms.

Nik then went to his doctor and was referred to a gastroenterologist. He undertook several tests including a colonoscopy. Nik was diagnosed with Diverticulitis. He was then referred to a dietician who recommended he cut out gluten. Nik tried this for 10 weeks and found no relief.

Nik then went about doing his own research and came across the ImuPro test. When his results came back he found that he had intolerances to 30 foods.

After the first week of the rotation and elimination diet he was symptom free but thought it could be just luck. He continued on for another 2 weeks and then decided to challenge the diet by introducing some of the ‘problem foods’ – his symptoms soon reappeared. It was then that he adhered to the rotation plan and ate only what he could.

After 6 months on the ImuPro diet, Nik lost 10 kilos which he says is due to a “combination of food rotation and exercise”. He is a very happy man!

“Can’t believe the change”

Michelle McLean, Sydney NSW

Michelle (27 years old) is a young mother with one child. She had been suffering from constant bloating after eating, and a general feeling of tiredness. Michelle was often told that it was probably her busy lifestyle contributing to her lack of energy, but she always felt that her food and diet must somehow be a contributing factor.

Michelle followed a fairly healthy eating plan having oats or muesli with milk everyday followed by a piece of toast. She would often have a salad for lunch and some fruit and a few nuts for an afternoon snack. Dinner was always healthy, including meat or fish with vegetables. Even still, Michelle would feel lethargic a few hours after eating and always had gastro intestinal symptoms.

Michelle’s results showed a strong intolerance to cow’s milk and all of the gluten grains. She also found that she could not tolerate almonds, egg white or brussel sprouts.

Michelle immediately changed her breakfast to include Rice Milk or Soy Milk and then would rotate her breakfast to include fruits, corn products, and gluten free cereals with apple juice and sheep’s milk yoghurt.

After one week Michelle couldn’t believe the change in her body and how much more energetic she felt. Her bloating and gastro symptoms had all but disappeared. Michelle says “After 3 months I feel fantastic”. Michelle is looking forward to having another baby in the future.


“It’s so simple”

Monica goyen, sydney nsw

Monica (81 years old, retired) had put on a lot of weight and was lacking energy, often finding it difficult to get out of bed in the mornings; she also suffered from severe bloating.

The ImuPro Complete test discovered that she had 69 intolerances. Since following her personalised diet plan Monica has lost 6.5 kilos, no longer suffers from bloating and has lots more energy; she cares for her four year old granddaughter two days a week and has a part-time job (4hrs) on Sundays. Monica says: “it’s so simple, it doesn’t torture you; you’ve just got to make up your mind to do it.”


“Difficult at first but worth it”

Vivienne Lowther, Auckland NZ

Vivienne (58 years old) suffered from fibromyalgia, migraine headaches, muscular pain and bloating for many years. There was no medication that Vivienne was able to respond to and gradually her symptoms got worse. Her doctors described her condition as a result of depression.

After doing the ImuPro300 test Vivienne found that she reacted to 45 different foods. She began keeping a food diary and after 1 week noticed a significant improvement in her pain level and recurrence of migraines.

Vivienne found the rotation diet difficult to adhere to at first and by the 3rd week found herself straying to some of the old comfort foods she actually reacted to. It wasn’t long before her symptoms of back/joint pain, tiredness, headache and constipation returned.

Vivienne finally decided to heed her own warnings of what she had learnt and seriously commit to her dietary recommendations. Her symptoms have drastically reduced and she now describes her pain level as being reduced from 9 to 4.

“Incredibly valuable”

Toni McCann, South Yarra VIC

I have been recommending your service since having been tested through ImuPro early in 2014. After 10 years of working through food intolerances these test results not only gave me important answers as to what foods I’m intolerant too, but most importantly what was the underlying cause. An answer that GP’s, a Dietician and a Gastrologist couldn’t tell me after years of testing.

I found the test reports and additional information provided incredibly valuable and I’m now 9 months into my year of being dairy free.

After the first month of the diet I lost weight (2-4kgs of possibly of liquid retained due to inflammation) and stopped suffering all my symptoms. Finally, after a decade of trying to figure out what was wrong with me I was extremely excited to finally achieve the results I was after.

“Changed my life”

Ross O’Brien, Auckland NZ

Over the last few years I had been suffering from what seemed like a reaction to environmental pollens and grasses. I displayed allergy symptoms of running eyes, sinus, recurring throat and chest infections. Along with this I kept putting on weight with fluctuations of up to 2kgs in a 24 hour period. Despite numerous visits to Immunologists and ENT Specialists and many doses of antibiotics the situation did not improve, i.e. treating the symptoms not the cause.

I was informed of Imupro by a work colleague whose daughter was seriously ill but after her blood test had a full recovery with diet change. My blood test revealed intolerance to 11 foods the main being egg yolk and white, oats and barley. I changed my diet as per your instructions and the results were amazing.

Within three days all symptoms had disappeared and I lost a kilo in weight each week for the first five weeks. The weight has now stabilised and as long as I don’t stray off the diet remain symptom free. Whilst not being a heavy drinker I did enjoy a glass of red wine but in recent times would feel unwell after a glass. To my surprise I discovered there is egg in most wine!!

I can’t thank you enough for changing my life. I just wish I had known of ImuPro a lot earlier. I have been spreading the word this side of the Tasman and I know several I have told have had the test done. As for my family the results are now in and whilst early days diet change is starting to show good results.

Finally I would like to compliment you on the way the result package is presented. Besides the intolerances, quantity and severity, the amount of useful information is very comprehensive. I have found it easy to follow and overall keep to the diet plan.

Overall I am so happy with the results ImuPro have provided and consider money well spent.

“Wish we’d found ImuPro earlier”

John and Jan Dods, VIC

Recently, I contacted you in the faint hope that you might be able to help with the very severe allergic reaction/rash of my wife Jan, to certain substances, accompanied by incredible itching over most of the body. Recently there has been no sleep on most nights and we were at the desperation stage…

Jan and I had numerous consultations with a variety of Drs over the last 12 months- and had made an appointment with a dermatologist – who wasn’t available until September 2015. The final straw for us came when the condition became so bad I took her to the casualty department of our local hospital on a weekend.

The Doctor visited, examined her yet again, thought for a few moments, and then proclaimed “I don’t know, take this single Valium and go home”.

This we did and I began further investigation on the web. Using a few different terms, I arrived at your own website – and began reading…it all sounded too good to be true.

A couple of friendly calls to your organisation later and we signed up for the ImuPro 100 test – which wasn’t the least expensive test we’ve ever had, but never mind, this was desperation.

The Results

Excitedly, we made an appointment to see the Dr. On arrival, I think he was more excited than we were. He went through the report and read out the now identified substances – basically egg and gluten.

Now two days into a new diet, all symptoms have subsided and only the scarring remains to heal.

Jan is overjoyed after going through this last 12 months of agony and having it all suddenly resolved by your identification service. How I wish we’d found out about that much earlier.

I feel the Dr should have at least known about your service.

So, this is in the form a huge “THANK YOU” to all involved in the diagnosis. It was truly a brilliant effort, a remark made by the Dr himself.


“ImuPro contributed to my sporting success”

Marco Koch, Swimmer, Gold Medalist, Germany

I constantly aim at improving my performance in the pool. Two years ago, I thought that changing my not-so-healthy-nutrition could help. Plus, I often suffered from stomach cramps after training sessions. Somebody recommended ImuPro to me, the test for IgG food allergy.

I did the test and 72 foods were tested IgG positive, among them gluten, egg, milk and hazelnut. A kind of shock at first – I loved to eat bread rolls, pasta, pizza and things like that. But I would do just about everything to get faster in the pool. So I changed my diet according to the ImuPro concept. It took a while to get used to it and to find alternatives, especially for foods with gluten.

Yet my mum is a great cook and she prepares my meals according to ImuPro when I’m at home in Darmstadt. When I’m travelling, I got used to simply take an extra suitcase along, full of gluten-free and other foods that are good for me.

After three to four weeks my condition got definitely better. The stomach cramps disappeared, I felt simply better when swimming, I have a lower resting heart rate now. I sleep less but feel more rested in the morning.

Plus, I lost about four kilograms over time. Since I feel such a significant effect, I stick to the concept very strictly. In sum, I can say that ImuPro really contributed to my sporting success.

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