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Taking the ImuPro Test

How do I take the ImuPro test?

Taking the ImuPro test is simple. Once you place an order, your test kit is immediately dispatched containing your pathology request form and a specialised transport tube. Full and detailed instructions will be included in your confirmation email as well as your ImuPro test kit.  


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Choose your ImuPro test

Select your test from our product page and order online.

Alternatively, speak to an expert to help you decide on the right test for you.

Otherwise, call us on 1300 481 151 if you’d like to chat or pay over the phone.

select imupro test

Attend pathology for blood draw

Take our pathology request form to your local collection centre (no appointment needed).

Once your blood sample is drawn they prepare it to be stable for transport and suitable for testing. 

Pathology will provide your sample to you and charge a small fee (usually $25). You can then pop your sample in our specialised transport tube and express post to ImuPro. It will be stable at room temperature for up to 8 days.

imupro lab test

Your sample is tested in our certified lab

When your your sample reaches ImuPro, it is couriered to our German laboratories for testing. 

All IgG food allergy tests take 10-14 business days (DAO takes around 20 days).  

imupro test procedure

Receive your results

Promptly receive your results via email (or consult with your practitioner if you have been referred).

This guides you through 3 important phases of the ImuPro concept: elimination, provocation and stabilisation. 

imupro test procedure

Change your diet, and your life

By identifying and avoiding the foods that cause you problems, inflammatory processes can be reduced or even stopped, and your body is able to recover. 

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