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The leaders in IgG testing and DNA sequencing have teamed up to provide you with superior quality functional testing packages to get to the root of your symptoms and optimise your health.

The Ultimate Wellness package will help you find the root cause of what is holding you back from vibrant health. Using world class clinical testing methods this package will reveal any food sensitivites and histamine intolerances, imbalances in your gut microbiome as well as genetic insights to optimise your general health and wellbeing. Equipped with 4 comprehensive reports you will be able to identify the reasons behind your bloating, IBS, SIBO, leaky gut, fatigue, weight gain, headaches, hayfever, cravings and aches & pains. Find out how your body metabolises nutrients, fats & caffeine, your ideal fitness style & muscle recovery type, omega 3 & cardio health, detoxification, your level of inflammation towards 270 individual foods, your unique gut microbiome and tolerance of high histamine foods. Regain your energy, strength and vitality. This is the Ultimate in Wellness Packages!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Ultimate Wellness Package?

The Ultimate Wellness Package lives up to its name. This is all of our best-selling diagnostic tests rolled into one package with a significant discount. This package includes our most comprehensive IgG test, the ImuPro Complete (270 foods), the Comprehensive Stool Flora Analysis, the DAO (histamine intolerance) test and the Genetic Wellness Profile.

How can I do all 4 tests?

We provide you with 3 test kits: 1 blood sample conducted at your local pathology (Complete test + DAO test) as well as a stool and saliva swab collection kit.

Do you test Candida and leaky gut?

Yes, the stool test is specific for detection of leaky gut and Candida species including Candida albicans, as well as other yeasts and fungi. You will be able to determine if a Candida overgrowth is responsible for your symptoms and receive actionable advice. Your ImuPro Complete test will also report on the presence of specific antibodies toward Candida albicans. Natural long-term solutions for suppressing Candida and strenghtening the gut barrier will be provided in your Personal Recommendations.

Can I improve my genetic profile?

Yes you can improve how your genetics are expressed. By working with your test results and understanding the limitations you can change exercise and nutrition choices to improve important health parameters like body weight, metabolism, appetite & cravings, vitamin and mineral storage, fat storage, muscle and injury recovery and other aspects of wellbeing.

What is the benefit of purchasing these tests as a package?

The Ultimate Wellness Package includes a substantial discount on our most popular diagnostic tests to provide you with a personalised health experience and equip you with the tools to thrive.

Does the Nutrition Package diagnose histamine intolerance?

Yes, the DAO (histamine intolerance) test is included in this package.

Is IgG food testing accurate?

Your IgG food allergy test will be performed by a highly professional and specialised in vitro diagnostic laboratory. The lab will analyse your serum sample and determine the presence of specific IgG antibodies to a broad variety of foods. The antibodies are detected by their ability to bind to specific proteins from up to 270 analysed foods. Based on the results of the antibody titre, the foodstuffs are then categorised into three groups: not elevated, elevated and highly elevated.

The specific IgG concentrations determined by the test do not necessarily reflect the occurrence or the severity of serious clinical symptoms. They offer the basis for an elimination and provocation diet. ImuPro guides you through this process with three phases: the elimination, the provocation and the stabilisation phase.

Critics often argue that every human being produces IgG antibodies to foods and that allergies are rare. However, they are often referring to classic type I allergy and not sufficiently differentiating between types of antibodies. Type I allergies are associated with quick-reaction symptoms, e.g. a rash, hives or swelling. Such symptoms are usually based on the release of histamine in which IgE antibodies are involved. ImuPro, however, tests for IgG antibodies which can trigger delayed type III allergies – ImuPro does not test IgE mediated acute allergies (type I) or merely IgG-4-antibodies (non inflammatory). ImuPro tests for all subclasses of pro-inflammatory IgG (1, 2, 3 and 4). The differences with regard to types of allergy and the different classes of antibodies have to be kept in mind when evaluating the ImuPro test.

Note: ImuPro does not examine classic IgE-mediated allergies (type I) or intolerances to lactose, fructose and histamine. In such cases, specific test systems should be applied.

Does diet play a role in my Genetic results?

Diet plays a role in how your genetic results are expressed, however it cannot cause or change your genetic results.

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