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The leaders in IgG testing and DNA sequencing have teamed up to provide you with superior quality functional testing packages to get to the root of your symptoms and optimise your health.

The Ultimate Wellness package will help you find the root cause of what is holding you back from vibrant health. Using world class clinical testing methods this package will reveal any food sensitivites and histamine intolerances, imbalances in your gut microbiome as well as genetic insights to optimise your general health and wellbeing. Equipped with 4 comprehensive reports you will be able to identify the reasons behind your bloating, IBS, SIBO, leaky gut, fatigue, weight gain, headaches, hayfever, cravings and aches & pains. Find out how your body metabolises nutrients, fats & caffeine, your ideal fitness style & muscle recovery type, omega 3 & cardio health, detoxification, your level of inflammation towards 270 individual foods, your unique gut microbiome and tolerance of high histamine foods. Regain your energy, strength and vitality. This is the Ultimate in Wellness Packages!