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Ultimate Wellness Package

The leaders in IgG testing and DNA sequencing have teamed up to provide you with superior quality functional testing packages to get to the root of your symptoms and optimise your health.

The Ultimate Wellness Package includes all of the below…

ImuPro Complete 270:

Your blood serum will be analysed against 270 individual foods to determine precisely which individual foods could be contributing to low grade inflammation and fueling your uncomfortable symptoms. Due to the delayed nature of IgG food intolerances, it is very difficult to identify the culprits without testing. Symptoms can flare up within hours or up to 3 days after eating a ‘trigger food’. This is the most comprehensive food intolerance test available on the market and is used extensively by Practitioners in Europe.

smartGUT Microbiome Test:

Microbiome testing is the gold standard in gut testing. This stool test examines the DNA of all bacteria present and allows for identification of species not usually reported on in other tests. It provides you with an understanding of the balance of the species in the gut and can identify species that have been associated with leaky gut, inflammation, metabolic syndrome, autoimmunity and many other conditions.

smartDNA Genomic Wellness test:

The Genomic Wellness test covers 160 DNA changes.  It is the most scientifically up to date comprehensive analysis available, including action steps to assist your practitioner with a personalised optimal wellness program for you, aiming to reduce the risk of a range of the most common health issues that affect us as we age. You will receive your DNA analysis of: fat metabolism, inflammation, sodium sensitivity, CoQ10, Omega 3 and Omega 6, methylation, oxidative stress, lactose intolerance, caffeine metabolism, Coeliac disease, phase 1 and 2 detoxification and many more!


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With your test, you will receive:
  • 1

    Individual analysis of 270 trigger foods such as meats, vegetables, fruits, cereals, dairy product, chicken eggs and preservatives presented in a comprehensive report with the specific intolerance levels.

  • 2

    Your personal nutrition guidelines which include individual dietary recommendations based on your results as well as a personalised recipe book tailored to your results.

  • 3

    Your smartGUT report will lead you through your intestinal microbiota the strains and populations of bacteria which make up your unique microbiome as well as the implications for your health. Your Genomic Wellness report will provide you with your unique blueprint for health and wellbeing.

  • 4

    With your test package you receive a 60 minute skype consultation with a specially trained smartDNA practitioner, who will lead you through your results and personalised treatment plan. Your practitioner believes in an integrated approach to healthcare, including the use of evidence based natural medicine.

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