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Has food become the enemy? Identify which foods are causing underlying inflammation and effectively change your diet to feel better.
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Learn more about your cardiovascular health, GUT microbiome and genetic profile to get a better insight into your general well-being.
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Investing in your health? ImuPro have combined some of our most popular tests into comprehensive bundle packages to save you money.
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ImuPro and smartDNA have teamed up to create these comprehensive wellness packages to get you started on your path to better health.
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It is quite easy to take the ImuPro test. It only requires a blood sample which will be sent to a specialised lab where it will be analysed. In just a few simple steps, you will have your ImuPro results emailed directly to you or your referring Practitioner

Get your blood drawn at Pathology
ImuPro lab performs your test
Receive your personal test results and comprehensive documents
Plan and begin your diet change!

Your Test Results

ImuPro’s comprehensive results contain an accurate report of your tested foods at a glance. You will learn if there are elevated levels of specific IgG antibodies to a food or not and be able to change your diet accordingly.

Dietary guidelines are provided (with a Personal Nutrition Guide included in the Basic test, and a Personal Nutrition Guide plus Recipes included in the Complete test), giving you the tools to change your diet effectively. ImuPro also offers free, unlimited follow up support and the ability to add on or upgrade to further testing if required – using your original blood sample!

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