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ImuPro Test Method

imupro test method

How do you test for food intolerance?

ImuPro detects for food intolerance by testing for type 3 allergies which are mediated by IgG antibodies. These antibodies are an important line of defence against common pathogens where they trigger an inflammatory immune response, but they can also be produced against food proteins. This is particularly the case when there is a level of intestinal permeability (leaky gut) or when the patient eat the same foods everyday. We only test on blood serum because this contains the highest concentration of IgG antibodies. We do not test hair, whole blood, blood finger prick or any other type of sample because they do not have enough (or in the case of hair, any) detectable antibodies and they are not stable. 

We provide you with the paperwork you need to attend your local pathology for a commercial blood draw. Pathology will centrifuge your sample, separating the red solids from the clear serum, which makes the sample stable for transport and storage. 

Your blood serum sample will be analysed in ImuPro’s German laboratories to determine the presence of IgG antibodies which are detected due to their ability to bind to specific proteins in up to 270 analysed foods. Based on the results of the antibody titre, these foods are then categorised into three groups: “not elevated”, “elevated” and “highly elevated”.

The specific IgG concentrations determined by the ImuPro test do not necessarily reflect the occurrence or the severity of serious clinical symptoms. They offer the basis for you to begin your elimination and provocation diet. ImuPro will guide you through this process with three phases, explained in your results: the elimination phase, the provocation phase, and the stabilisation phase. If you would like to learn more about how the test works, please visit our parent website

With some skepticism surrounding the significance of allergy and intolerance testing, it’s important to state that the ImuPro tests are neither testing for IgG4 nor are they addressing type 1 allergy. IgG4 does not induce an inflammatory reaction and are not applicable to the ImuPro Test Method.

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