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DAO Histamine Intolerance Test

Histamine intolerance is due to a deficiency or an inhibition of  Diamine Oxidase (DAO), which is the enzyme responsible for the degradation of histamine.  Although DAO is virtually found in the whole body, the bowels constitute its most important site of action. Histamine is indispensable for the human body since it fulfills vital functions. It is both produced in the body and taken in with food in various quantities.
Problems can occur when a person’s DAO enzyme activity is low, or they are DAO deficient. In these cases excessive quantities of, or inadequately degraded, histamine can lead to allergic-type reactions after consumption of certain foodstuffs which either contain high amounts of histamine (eg. red wine, cheese), cause the body to release histamine (eg. cocoa, citrus) or inhibit DAO activity (eg. certain medications).

Symptoms of DAO deficiency or histamine intolerance:

• migraine, headache
• dizziness
• gastrointestinal complaints, soft stools
• tachycardia, arrhythmia
• hypotension
• menstrual pain
• rhinitis
• asthma
• depression
• itching of the skin, red skin
Please note that symptoms of Histamine Intolerance often overlap with symptoms of delayed IgG Food Intolerance. If you would like to see the biggest possible picture of what could be causing your symptoms, both of these tests would be beneficial.  

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With your test, you will receive:
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    An analysis of your blood sample to determine whether a DAO deficiency is present; giving you an accurate measurement of your DAO level.

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    If DAO deficiency is present, avoidance or limitation of histamine-rich, and histamine-releasing, foods may be recommended and possible supplementation with a DAO enzyme replacement or other vitamin supplements may also be useful (DAO enzyme and vitamin supplements not provided by ImuPro).