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Oxidated LDL Test

What is Oxidated LDL?

Low Density Lipoprotein (LDL) cholesterol (known as the “bad cholesterol”) can become oxidised when it reacts with free radicals in the body. Oxidised LDL is therefore less stable and more likely to cause damage to surrounding tissues, most notably the endothelial tissue which lines our blood vessels. In an attempt to repair this tissue damage, the body launches an inflammatory response by sending inflammatory chemicals such as macrophages and platelets to the site of the vessel. The atherosclerotic plaque forms when lipid particles, especially small dense LDL cholesterol accumulate at the site of inflammation – eventually slowing or completely restricting blood flow and leading to a variety of health conditions and possibly heart attack or stroke.


What will this test tell me?

The Oxidated-LDL Test offers analysis of arteriosclerosis risk and possible therapy through the identification of oxidised LDL cholesterol particles, determining your actual cardiovascular risk.

Once you know your level of oxidised LDL, you will know the potential progress of endothelial damage – which can eventually lead to a heart attack and other conditions, including stroke. After taking the ImuPro Oxidated LDL test, you can take any necessary action to reduce any health risks.

The Oxi-LDL test is a great add-on to the LipoScan test, with both tests able to be done together to give you a greater picture of your health.

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