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Test for food intolerances and your nutritional genetic profile.

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✔️ 270 individual foods tested & 45 SNPs covered over 37 genes

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Access the most comprehensive and trusted IgG food allergy test in the world. This simple allergy test analyses 270 individual foods to identify specific delayed allergies (commonly called food intolerances) for unresolved chronic inflammatory symptoms like bloating, IBS, headache, joint pain, fatigue, skin conditions and difficulty losing weight.

Nutrition Package

This package includes the ImuPro Complete 270 food intolerance test along with the Genetic Wellness Profile.

About the Genetic Wellness Profile

Your DNA makes you unique. While we can’t change our DNA we can change our lifestyle to modify our genetic predisposition. This report will empower you to take more control in improving your quality of life and assist you in how your genes can influence many aspects of your health including fitness, heart health, weight management, vitamin metabolism and taste preferences by as much as 30-80%. Your Genetic Wellness Profile is a personalised report covering over 37 highly researched genes spanning these 5 areas of health and wellness.

With a single saliva swab, analysed in a local Australian lab, you can understand how your genetic makeup contributes to health parameters such as:

  •  Your body size and weight;
  • Snacking and eating habits, taste preferences to specific foods
  •  Hunger and appetite regulation
  •  How your body stores and processes dietary fats;
  •  Muscle power, endurance, stamina and recovery
  • Heart health
  • Personal vitamin and  nutrient requirements and processing needs;
  • Processing of caffeine and dairy
  • Power, endurance and recovery risk when you exercise

Your profile will provide guidance to help modify the effects of your genes through dietary and lifestyle changes that are as unique as your DNA. It can provide actionable advice that is easy to implement. Understanding your genetics will take you one step closer to personalising your health and wellbeing.

Please note this test will not identify specific diseases, biological relationships or suspected diagnosis of a medical condition, intolerance or allergy.

About the ImuPro Complete 270 IgG Food Intolerance Test

One of our comprehensive test panels for type 3 food allergy or food intolerance. Your blood serum will be analysed against 270 common trigger foods to determine precisely which individual foods could be contributing to low grade inflammation and fueling your uncomfortable symptoms.

A specialised laboratory performs a reliable diagnostic test (ELISA) to measure IgG antibodies to 270 foods in your blood. Based on the results of the antibody titre, the foodstuffs are then categorized into three groups:

  • Not elevated
  • Elevated
  • Highly elevated

Commonly known as food intolerances, delayed IgG food allergies can develop from monotonous consumption of certain foods and lifestyle factors which reduce the integrity of the gut barrier. Under these conditions, undigested food proteins can slip between the intestinal cells and trigger the immune system to produce specific IgG antibodies against them. Due to the delayed nature of IgG food intolerances, it is very difficult to identify the culprits without testing. This eventually can lead to low-grade and chronic inflammatory conditions.

Symptoms can occur up to 3 days after consumption of the trigger food, making the culprits extremely difficult to identify.

Personalised guidance and support:

With your nutrition package you will receive personal guidance and education on your test results and steps to get you moving forward with confidence.

Turn around time is 10-20 business days for both tests.



With your test, you will receive:

  1. Your personal genetic wellness report.
  2. Individual analysis of 270 trigger foods such as meats, vegetables, fruits, cereals, dairy product, chicken eggs and preservatives presented in a comprehensive report with the specific intolerance levels.
  3. Your personal nutrition guidelines which include individual dietary recommendations based on your results as well as a personalised recipe book tailored to your results.
  4. Personal guidance and education on your test results as well as follow up support as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Nutrition Package?

The Nutrition Package is a curation of our two popular diagnostic tests: the ImuPro Complete 270 foods IgG test and the Genetic Wellness Profile. Together these tests can help you to identify foods to avoid and foods to include in your diet. This is based on both your immune system and your genetics, so the results are truly personalised. You will receive your comprehensive reports which detail which nutrients you may have a higher requirement for genetically, and which foods may be causing a build up of inflammation.

Does the Nutrition Package diagnose lactose intolerance?

The Nutrition Package includes a genetic test for your production of lactase (the enzyme that breaks down lactose) while your ImuPro IgG blood test includes diagnosis for intolerance to cows milk proteins.

What can I expect from my results?

Your blood serum sample is analysed in ImuPro’s German laboratories to determine the presence of specific IgG antibodies to a wide variety of individual foods including meat, gluten & non-gluten grains, fruit, vegetables, eggs, salads, legumes, soy, seeds & nuts, mushrooms, seafoods, tea, coffee & wine, yeast, milk products, spices & herbs, sweeteners, perservatives, thickening agents, algae and Candida albicans. These IgG antibodies are detected due to their ability to bind to specific proteins in up to 270 analysed foods. Based on the results of the antibody titre, these foods are then categorised into three groups: not elevated, elevated and highly elevated.

The specific IgG concentrations determined by the ImuPro test do not necessarily reflect the occurrence or the severity of serious clinical symptoms. They offer the basis for you to begin an elimination and provocation diet. ImuPro guides you through this process with three phases, explained in your results: the elimination phase, the provocation phase, and the stabilisation phase.

You will also receive your comprehensive Genetic Wellness Profile. You can expect to be guided to make dietary and lifestyle changes for a healthier life. You will learn about the interactions between your lifestyle and how that can help modify the effects of your genes. You can identify genetic factors that contribute to, without being, the cause of your body weight, natural exercise and recovery patterns.

Can I change my genetic profile?

You have your unique genetic profile for life, that does not change. This is a one off test for knowledge.

What is the benefit of purchasing these tests as a package?

The Nutrition Package includes a substantial discount on our most popular tests.

Does the Nutrition Package diagnose histamine intolerance?

No, you can add this as a separate test (the DAO test) if you wish or check out our Ultimate Wellness Package.

Is IgG food testing accurate?

Your IgG food allergy test will be performed by a highly professional and specialised in vitro diagnostic laboratory. The lab will analyse your serum sample and determine the presence of specific IgG antibodies to a broad variety of foods. The antibodies are detected by their ability to bind to specific proteins from up to 270 analysed foods. Based on the results of the antibody titre, the foodstuffs are then categorised into three groups: not elevated, elevated and highly elevated.

The specific IgG concentrations determined by the test do not necessarily reflect the occurrence or the severity of serious clinical symptoms. They offer the basis for an elimination and provocation diet. ImuPro guides you through this process with three phases: the elimination, the provocation and the stabilisation phase.

Critics often argue that every human being produces IgG antibodies to foods and that allergies are rare. However, they are often referring to classic type I allergy and not sufficiently differentiating between types of antibodies. Type I allergies are associated with quick-reaction symptoms, e.g. a rash, hives or swelling. Such symptoms are usually based on the release of histamine in which IgE antibodies are involved. ImuPro, however, tests for IgG antibodies which can trigger delayed type III allergies – ImuPro does not test IgE mediated acute allergies (type I) or merely IgG-4-antibodies (non inflammatory). ImuPro tests for all subclasses of pro-inflammatory IgG (1, 2, 3 and 4). The differences with regard to types of allergy and the different classes of antibodies have to be kept in mind when evaluating the ImuPro test.

Note: ImuPro does not examine classic IgE-mediated allergies (type I) or intolerances to lactose, fructose and histamine. In such cases, specific test systems should be applied.


Can I improve my genetic profile?

Yes you can improve how your genetics are expressed. By working with your test results and understanding the limitations you can change exercise and nutrition choices to improve important health parameters like body weight, metabolism, appetite & cravings, vitamin and mineral storage, fat storage, muscle and injury recovery and other aspects of wellbeing.

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