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LipoScan test

Common cholesterol testing may not reveal your real risk of heart attack and stroke…

Did you know that regular LDL/HDL cholesterol tests are only a rough indicator and can fail to spot high-risk cholesterol levels, while returning misleading warnings for healthy people?

LipoScan: your unique ‘cholesterol fingerprint’

The diagnostic test that reveals your true cholesterol risk. The LipoScan test is a detailed and unique profile of the cholesterol in your blood. This helps your doctor plan further treatment or dietary adjustments to protect your cardiac health – and your future.

The LipoScan test reveals your true cholesterol risk by going deeper than ordinary tests and analysing LDL ‘sub-fractions’. LDL sub-fractions are a type of fat particle in your blood. These particles are absorbed by cells in the blood vessel wall and may contribute to arterial plaque build-up or coronary artery disease. LDL sub-fractions can conceal a high-risk cholesterol problem – even when your overall level of LDL cholesterol is “normal.”

The LDL particles measured with the LipoScan test are divided into seven different classes (see scale at top of the graphic). Only classes 3 – 7 represent a higher risk, whereas the other low-risk classes can cause a misleading high positive result in a conventional test.

Conventional cholesterol testing can’t detect this potentially dangerous condition and, until now, more detailed tests have been costly and hard to find.

We recommend taking this test with the Oxidated LDL and Fatty Acid Status as part of our LipoScan Concept bundle.



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    A therapist's report outlining the results of your blood serum analysis - it is recommended this is taken to your practitioner for further advice on treatments or follow up

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    A patient's booklet explaining your results

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