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The complete package for gut health

✔️ Practitioner-Only DNA gut microbiome test

✔️ Tests leaky gut, healthy & infectious microbes, markers for SIBO, Candida

✔️Test for delayed allergies to 270 individual foods

✔️ Accurate blood serum and stool sample testing

The Gut Health Package contains our two most popular tests: the ImuPro Complete 270 food allergy test and the Comprehensive Stool Flora Analysis, with a saving of $140.

You will have everything you need to get your gut back into shape, for the long haul. We understand that diets can be temporary and probiotics cannot permanently repopulate the gut. This package is curated to support your gut repair by addressing foods causing inflammation and leaky gut while identifying imbalances in the microbiota. You will receive comprehensive results with targeted suggestions for a 3 month gut repair protocol, specific to your unique results.

This package is ideal for anyone with unaddressed bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhoea or abdominal pain and sensitivity, or for general wellness.

Gut Health Package - Gut Microbiome & IgG Food Allergy Tests

Accurate and reliable blood serum testing for IgG food allergy and DNA stool testing for the gut microbiome provides a holistic approach to gut health.

This world-leading comprehensive IgG food allergy test, examines 270 foods and additives, including IgG to Candida albicans. It analyses the typical kinds of meat, vegetables, fruits, grains, dairy and eggs. Alternatives to the most common foods  are also tested so you can enjoy a wider variety of foods and peace of mind that you haven’t missed anything. It also examines a large number of herbs, spices, tea, coffee, sweeteners, plus thickening agents and preservatives

✔️ Used by GPs and clinicians in over 40 countries

✔️ Conducted in specialised certified German labs

✔️ Undertaken with medically validated ELISA test method

✔️ Tested with blood serum for accuracy

Right food, better health

270 individual foods are tested using a sophisticated and reliable blood analysis for IgG food allergies. We combine this with our unique post-test guidance, which includes personal nutritional guidelines to help you find the foods that are good for you and to pinpoint any individual ‘trigger foods’. By avoiding the foods that cause you problems, inflammatory processes can be reduced or even stopped, and your body is able to recover.

We’ve heard customer stories where they have excluded food and used food substitutions, for example a gluten free diet, but the substitution food created more issues. The test will indicate what the right choice is for you.

Your comprehensive report contains accurate results and personal nutritional guidelines, which lead you through your change in diet. Your results pack also includes a recipe booklet, which is specifically tailored to your non-IgG reactive foods.

ImuPro IgG food allergy testing can identify

✔️ Non-Coeliac Gluten Sensitivity (Gluten intolerance)

✔️  Gluten and dairy free alternatives

✔️ Key preservatives and thickening agents

✔️ Cow’s milk protein (casein, whey) not identified with lactose intolerance tests

✔️ Presence of IgG antibodies to Candida albicans

ImuPro nutritional guidelines contain 3 important steps

Elimination phase

All foods with high levels of IgG antibodies are avoided during this phase so inflammatory processes can be reduced or stopped.

Provocation phase

To discover personal trigger foods, avoided foods are introduced back into your diet one by one. Only one new food at a time is reintroduced to determine if it’s responsible for your complaints.

Stabilisation phase

The trigger foods identified in the provocation phase are avoided for at least one year so the IgG antibodies can degrade and your body can recover. In some instances, there may be one or two foods that need to be avoided permanently.

The Gut Health Package is ideal for:

✔️ People who are challenged by unresolved chronic health issues, inflammatory or auto-immune conditions

✔️ People who have uncomfortable symptoms that cannot be identified by routine tests

✔️ People who are frustrated with their long-term health issues and are looking for solutions

Read our Case Studies 

  •   Bloating & gas
  •   Constipation
  •   Crohn’s disease
  •   Diarrhoea or loose stools
  •   Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)
  •   Nausea
  •   Acid reflux and heartburn
  •   Suspected SIBO
  •   Low energy and chronic fatigue

Why is the Comprehensive Stool Flora Analysis the best gut microbiome test?

Get to the root of your gut health with Australia's best gut microbiome test. A single stool sample analysed in a local Australian lab can provide a comprehensive analysis of your gut microbiome as well as identify immune and digestive markers that may be causing inflammation and IgG food allergy reactions. It will assess microbial targets as well as immune and digestive markers. It screens for pathogenic bacteria, healthy bacteria, opportunistic pathogens, yeast, worms, viruses, and parasites. You will not receive a one size fits all cut and paste protocol for gut health. You will receive personalised recommendations to ensure you are taking the correct prebiotics, probiotics, nutrients and foods for your unique health picture.

"All disease begins in the gut." - Hippocrates

✔️ Receive personalised 3-6 month plan for rebuilding your microbiome

✔️ Receive safe natural remedies for eradication or suppression of microbial infections & overgrowth

✔️ Tests for functional gut markers often missing on other DNA gut microbiome tests

✔️ Receive personal recommendations from our qualified health practitioner


With your test, you will receive:

  1. Individual analysis of 270 trigger foods such as meats, vegetables, fruits, cereals, dairy product, chicken eggs and preservatives presented in a comprehensive report with the specific intolerance levels.
  2. Your personal nutrition guidelines which include individual dietary recommendations based on your results as well as a personalised recipe book tailored to your results.
  3. Your Comprehensive Stool Flora Analysis lab report. This includes over 100 findings with their quantitative & qualitative analysis for bacteria, viruses, parasites, protozoa, yeast, worms as well as intestinal markers for inflammation, digestion, Coeliac disease, fat absorption, SIBO, immune function, occult blood, mucous and short chain fatty acid production.
  4. Your Therapist Summary report will be prepared by our bachelor qualified in-house Naturopath. Hannah will carefully interpret and present your results in an easy to read summary report. This will include an explanation of each finding, what it means for you and how it ties in with your overall health as well as targeted suggestions for natural remedies. The report will include specific dietary advice for your gut microbiota.
  5. You will be provided access to any Practitioner Only products specifically recommended on your report. This generally involves antimicrobial liquid herbs, probiotics and prebiotics. Repeats are available as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of doing the Gut Health Package?

We have curated the Gut Health Package to help our customers achieve their best health, with $160 off the individual diagnostic tests. Our IgG blood test will help you determine your trigger foods, but did you know that IgG intolerances (type 3 food allergy) can develop through leaky gut? The health of the gut wall is vital to our overall wellbeing and is implicated in a host of chronic inflammatory states. The heath of the gut wall and our digestive function is directly tied to the balance of our gut microbiome which live on this wall, predominantly in the large bowel. The Gut Health Package is the perfect set of diagnostic tools to identify the source of your digestive or other chronic health issues.

Do you test Candida and leaky gut?

Yes, the stool test is specific for detection of leaky gut and Candida species including Candida albicans, as well as other yeasts and fungi. You will be able to determine if a Candida overgrowth is responsible for your symptoms and receive actionable advice. Your ImuPro Complete test will also report on the presence of specific antibodies toward Candida albicans. Natural long term solutions for suppressing Candida and strenghtening the gut barrier will be provided in your Personal Recommendations.

Does the Gut Health Package test for histamine intolerance?

No, you can purchase the DAO as an add-on test to the Gut Heath Package, or you might like to check out our Ultimate Health Package.

What foods are covered?

Your blood serum sample is analysed in ImuPro’s German laboratories to determine the presence of specific IgG antibodies to a wide variety of individual foods including meat, gluten & non-gluten grains, fruit, vegetables, eggs, salads, legumes, soy, seeds & nuts, mushrooms, seafoods, tea, coffee & wine, yeast, milk products, spices & herbs, sweeteners, perservatives, thickening agents, algae and Candida albicans.


Can I get this package via my GP?

No, the Gut Health Package is exclusive to ImuPro and results are sent directly to you rather than through your GP.

Will the Gut Health Package help identify IBS, IBD and SIBO?

Yes, there are specific microbial species and functional gut markers that are related to irritable bowel syndrome, inflammatory bowel disease and small intestinal bacteral overgrowth. While IBS and IBD often produce symptoms in the large bowel such as bloating, gas, pain, and alternating bowel movements, SIBO is also linked with upper gastrointestinal disorders such as reflux, heartburn and even hayfever. Removing IgG positive foods has shown positive benefits for IBS symptoms.

What can I expect from my results?

You will receive 2 results emails: 1. Your ImuPro Complete IgG results will include your test report, persnal nutrition guide and personalised recipes. This will guide you through each step of the ImuPro concept: Elimination, Provocation and Stabilisation. 2. Your Comprehensive Stool Flora Analysis lab report and your Therapist Summary report. Your Therapist Summary report will be prepared by our bachelor qualified in-house Naturopath. Hannah will carefully interpret and present your results in an easy to read summary report. This will include an explanation of each finding, what it means for you and how it ties in with your overall health as well as targeted suggestions for natural remedies. The report will include specific dietary advice for your gut microbiota, targeted prebiotics and appropriate probiotics.

Is IgG food testing accurate?

Your IgG food allergy test will be performed by a highly professional and specialised in vitro diagnostic laboratory. The lab will analyse your serum sample and determine the presence of specific IgG antibodies to a broad variety of foods. The antibodies are detected by their ability to bind to specific proteins from up to 270 analysed foods. Based on the results of the antibody titre, the foodstuffs are then categorised into three groups: not elevated, elevated and highly elevated.

The specific IgG concentrations determined by the test do not necessarily reflect the occurrence or the severity of serious clinical symptoms. They offer the basis for an elimination and provocation diet. ImuPro guides you through this process with three phases: the elimination, the provocation and the stabilisation phase.

Critics often argue that every human being produces IgG antibodies to foods and that allergies are rare. However, they are often referring to classic type I allergy and not sufficiently differentiating between types of antibodies. Type I allergies are associated with quick-reaction symptoms, e.g. a rash, hives or swelling. Such symptoms are usually based on the release of histamine in which IgE antibodies are involved. ImuPro, however, tests for IgG antibodies which can trigger delayed type III allergies – ImuPro does not test IgE mediated acute allergies (type I) or merely IgG-4-antibodies (non inflammatory). ImuPro tests for all subclasses of pro-inflammatory IgG (1, 2, 3 and 4). The differences with regard to types of allergy and the different classes of antibodies have to be kept in mind when evaluating the ImuPro test.

Note: ImuPro does not examine classic IgE-mediated allergies (type I) or intolerances to lactose, fructose and histamine. In such cases, specific test systems should be applied.

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