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The complete package for gut-brain health

✔️ 2 x Practitioner-Only Tests for gut microbiome and neurotransmitters

✔️ Results walkthrough with qualified in-house practitioner

✔️ Patented DrySpot® and Salivette® guarantee validity

Gut Brain Package - Gut Microbiome & Neurotransmitter Tests

The Gut Brain Package includes our popular Comprehensive Stool Flora AnalysisNeuroSpot Stress Test plus a consultation with our qualified practitioner.

Stress and burnout can have a significant impact on your gut microbiome 

A simple lab test will show you how your levels of stress and burnout are affecting your over health and energy levels. Combined with the gut health stool test you will be able to understand the impact of stress affecting your gut microbiome.

This package will help you to

  1. Identify microbial imbalances in your gut microbiome
  2. Identify possible imbalances of your neurotransmitters and stress hormones
  3. Consult with an expert to identify how these results overlap, and what next steps to take to restore balance to your gut-brain axis. This incorporates diet, nutrition, amino acids, pre/probiotics and evidence based herbal remedies.


How are the gut and the brain connected?

The gut and brain are connected through a communication system called the gut-brain axis. This means that the brain and gut are constantly communicating with each other through various pathways. It is a complex and dynamic system that plays a crucial role in many aspects of health and wellbeing. For example, when you eat a meal, your gut sends signals to your brain that can affect your mood, energy levels, and cognitive function. Similarly, when you feel anxious or stressed, your brain can send signals to your gut that can cause digestive symptoms like nausea, diarrhoea, or constipation.

Stress can impact the composition and diversity of your gut bacteria and lead to increased inflammation throughout your body. Studies have shown that chronic stress can lead to a decrease in beneficial gut bacteria and an increase in harmful bacteria. This can negatively affect your immune system, digestion, and overall health and result in digestive symptoms like abdominal pain, cramping, and diarrhoea.


Why is this axis so important?

We believe that restoring health in the gut is important for how we feel, and balancing our stress response can help manage a variety of abdominal symptoms.

The gut microbiome can impact the brain through the production of various neurotransmitters, such as serotonin, dopamine, and GABA, which are involved in regulating mood, behaviour, and stress responses.

This connection between the gut and brain is important for many aspects of health and wellbeing, including digestion, mood, immune function, and even brain function. By understanding the gut-brain axis, we can develop strategies to support optimal gut and brain health.

The gut and the brain are intricately connected. Did you know that over 50% of dopamine and 90% of serotonin in the body is produced in the gut?

Neurotransmitters play a crucial role in regulating the health and function of the gut microbiome. A healthy gut microbiome can contribute to the production of neurotransmitters and vice versa, leading to a positive feedback loop between the gut and the brain. On the other hand, imbalances in the gut microbiome can result in the dysfunction of neurotransmitter systems and lead to various health issues, such as anxiety, depression, and irritable bowel syndrome.


More about the Comprehensive Stool Flora Analysis

An accurate and reliable gut microbiome test

✔️ Practitioner-Only Test

✔️ Latest in DNA sequencing

✔️ Tests leaky gut, healthy & infectious microbes, Candida

A single stool sample analysed in a local Australian lab provides a comprehensive analysis of your gut microbiome with solutions to restore your gut health.

The Comprehensive Stool Flora Analysis is a Practitioner Only test ordered through our partnering lab in Australia. Your results will be interpreted by our qualified in-house practitioner who will provide targeted recommendations for selected foods, probiotic strains, prebiotics and nutrients to rebuild your microbiome and restore gut health.

This test not only covers important healthy and unhealthy bacteria but also parasites, yeasts like Candida, viruses, worms and functional markers like calprotectin, zonulin, secretory IgA, anti-gliadin IgA and digestive enzymes. Identify if you have microbial overgrowths and imbalances, infections, inflammation, leaky gut, SIBO markers, low immune health, Coeliac indicators and more.

"All disease begins in the gut." - Hippocrates

✔️ Receive 3 month plan for rebuilding your microbiome.

✔️ Natural remedies for eradication or suppression of microbial infections & overgrowth.

✔️ Tests for functional gut markers often missing on other DNA gut microbiome tests.

✔️ Personal recommendations from our qualified health practitioner.

Who is the Comprehensive Stool Flora Analysis for?

Anyone who is experiencing the below symptoms or would like to test for general health:

  • Bloating and gas.
  • Constipation/ diarrhoea or loose stools.
  • Abdominal pain or sensitivity.
  • Unexplained nausea/vomiting.
  • Acid reflux and heartburn.
  • Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS).
  • Inflammatory Bowel Disease like Crohn's or colitis.
  • Leaky gut or increased intestinal permeability.
  • Small Intestine Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO).
  • Fatigue and low mood.
  • Weight gain.
  • Low nutrient absorption.
  • Recurrent infections and low immunity.

More about the NeuroSpot+ Stress Test

An accurate and reliable test for neurotransmitters and stress hormones

✔️ Patented DrySpot® and Salivette® guarantee validity

✔️ Report medically validated by doctors

✔️ Assess 9 neurotransmitters

Identify your levels of key neurotransmitters and stress hormones with our at home test kit. Find out how your levels of serotonin, creatinine, dopamine, adrenaline, noradrenaline, GABA, glutamate, cortisol and DHEA might be affecting your physical and mental health. This therapist report is available to you without a referral and will be medically validated by a laboratory supervisor and further interpreted by our qualified in house practitioner. Receive targeted advice to regulate your nervous system with appropriate foods, nutrients or supplements.

Neurotransmitter testing in Australia at present is only available through specific health practitioners. Now you are able to access the most accurate neurotransmitter test conducted in our lab in Germany, without the need for a referral. Thanks to the patented Dry Spot and Salivette technology, you are able to take the test at home and receive your results directly.

All important stress hormones and the participating messenger substances of your body are tested:

✔️ Serotonin

✔️ Creatinine

✔️ Dopamine

✔️ Noradrenaline

✔️ Adrenaline

✔️ Corsitol (morning, noon, evening)

✔️ DHEA (morning, evening)


✔️ Glutamate


Receive actionable and targeted advice from our qualified in-house practitioner:

✔️ Your level of each neurotransmitter and what this may mean.

✔️ What nutrients and amino acids you may need more of.

✔️ Identify which foods will help to regulate your nervous system.

✔️ Appropriate supplementation including herbs, amino acids or nutrients to support your body.

✔️ Recommendations for other appropriate therapies.

More about our qualified practitioner

✔️ Private telehealth consultations Australia & NZ

✔️ Access Practitioner-grade products delivered

✔️ Qualified Bachelor Health Science and Bachelor Psychological Science

✔️Australasian Integrative Medicine Association (AIMA) registered practitioner

Your daily habits are what matters most, and often changing these are not so straightforward. Hannah is passionate about establishing practical pathways to health and wellbeing.

During your one hour consultation, Hannah will walk you through the results of both tests, explain how they relate and identify key areas of focus for you. A treatment or management plan can then be worked out which may include: daily food substitutions, specific pro/prebiotic regimen or nutritional/herbal remedies for stress and gut health. You can ask questions about your results, have Practitioner-only products customised and delivered to you and book a follow up appointment for further support.



  1. Your Comprehensive Stool Flora Analysis lab report & therapist summary report. This includes over 100 findings with their quantitative & qualitative analysis for bacteria, viruses, parasites, protozoa, yeast, worms as well as intestinal markers for inflammation, digestion, Coeliac disease, fat absorption, SIBO, immune function, occult blood, mucous and short chain fatty acid production. Your Therapist Summary report will be prepared by our qualified in-house practitioner. This will include an explanation of each finding, what it means for you and how it ties in with your overall health as well as targeted suggestions for natural remedies and foods.
  2. Your NeuroSpot+ Stress Test lab report & therapist summary report. This includes lab values for each parameter tested along with in depth interpretation by our qualified in-house practitioner who will provide an overall assessment, nutritional strategies and targeted remedies.
  3. Your 1 hour consultation with our in-house practitioner. Hannah holds qualifications in both health science and psychology and is here to help you get the best out of your results and move forward with confidence.
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