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Genomic Wellness Test

Includes consultation with experienced naturopathic practitioner.

The Genomic Wellness test covers over 100 DNA changes.  It is the most scientifically up to date comprehensive analysis available, including action steps to assist your practitioner with a personalised optimal wellness program for you, aiming to reduce the risk of a range of the most common health issues that affect us as we age.

The Genomic Wellness test includes an analysis of your:

• Lipid Metabolism
• Metabolic Syndrome and Diabetes
• Inflammation
• Sodium Sensitivity
• CoQ10
• Omega 3 and Omega 6
• Vitamins
• Methylation, Folate and cofactors
• Choline
• Caffeine Metabolism
• Coeliac Disease
• Lactose Intolerance
• Oxidative Stress
• Phase I Detoxification
• Phase II Detoxification
• Weight Management
• HPA axis and Stress Responses
• Sleep and Seasonal Variation
• Physiogenomic Integration of Genetic and Functional Variability

Included in your Genomic Wellness test is a consultation with experienced naturopathic practitioner.  Your practitioner will be able to design a specific nutritional program for you based on your Genomic Wellness results.

About Your ImuPro Practitioner:

Your ImuPro practitioner is a leading Naturopath and Nutritionist, specially trained in the smartDNA testing concept.  She believes in an integrated approach to healthcare, including the use of evidence based natural medicine. Her warm, realistic approach mixed with a strong emphasis on education and patient responsibility helps to inspire patients to be proactive about their health and make long term changes in their diet and lifestyle that will serve them in the years to come.

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$795.00 AUD

With your test, you will receive:
  • 1

    Your highly comprehensive Genomic Wellness report will provide you with your unique blueprint and recommendations for health and wellbeing based on your DNA.

  • 2

    smartDNA testing is highly specialised and must be interpreted by a specially trained smartDNA Practitioner. With your test package you receive a 60 minute skype consultation with Sydney based Naturopath, who will lead you through your results and personalised treatment plan.

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