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An accurate and reliable test for genetic wellness

✔️ NATA  Accredited Laboratory

✔️ Evidence rating system

✔️ 45 SNPs covered over 37 genes

✔️ Accurate buccal sample testing

Your DNA makes you unique. While we can’t change our DNA we can change our lifestyle to modify our genetic predisposition. This report will empower you to take more control in improving your quality of life and assist you in how your genes can influence key health parameters by as much as 30-80%. Your Genetic Wellness Profile is a personalised report covering over 37 highly researched genes spanning 5 areas of health and wellness: weight management, taste preference & food response, heart health, vitamins & nutrients, fitness & exercise.

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Genetic Wellness Profile - At Home Test Kit

With a single saliva swab, analysed in a local Australian NATA accredited lab, the Genetic Wellness Test will guide you to modify the effects of your genes through dietary and lifestyle changes that are as unique as your DNA. You will discover:

✔️ Body size and weight
✔️ Ability to lose weight
✔️ Appetite and eating behaviors
✔️ How your body stores and processes dietary fats
✔️ Risk of having an abnormal cholesterol profile
✔️ Vitamin, mineral, and other nutrient needs
✔️ Sensitivity to specific tastes, foods and drinks
✔️ Power, endurance, recovery and injury risk when you exercise

Your profile will provide actionable advice that is easy to implement. Understanding your genetics will take you one step closer to personalising your health and wellbeing.

Please note this test will not identify specific diseases, biological relationships or suspected diagnosis of a medical condition, intolerance or allergy.

What are genetics and nutrigenomics?

Your DNA contains genetic information that determines characteristics you are born with from the inside, with such as eye colour, hair and how your body processes nutrients. There are also important factors that affect you externally, like your lifestyle, environment and nutritional intake. The interaction between nutrients and genes is referred to as nutrigenomics.

Research reveals that individuals who are guided by their genetic wellness profile are more likely to make long term, sustainable positive changes to their lifestyle, including diet and exercise behaviour.

Your comprehensive 76 page Genetic Wellness Profile covers 5 key areas of health by testing 37 well researched genes.

Weight management

✔️ Weight, appetite and obesity

✔️ Fat storage & fat burning

✔️ Energy Expenditure

✔️ Snacking and eating habits

Taste preference and food response

✔️ Preference to bitter or sweet foods

✔️ Preference for fats and oils

✔️ Dairy processing (lactase persistence)

✔️ Caffeine tolerance

Heart health

✔️ Cholesterol and triglycerides

✔️ Antioxidants and blood pressure

✔️ Salt influence on blood pressure

Vitamins and nutrients

✔️ Vitamin B6, B9, B12 requirements

✔️ Vitamin A, C & D requirements

✔️ Calcium, bone strength and stress fracture

✔️ Iron needs

✔️ Omega 3 and omega 6 processing

Fitness and exercise

✔️ Muscle strength, power and energy

✔️ Endurance and recovery time

✔️ Injury risk and flexibility


Taking the Genetic Wellness Profile test

1. Place your order

Once we receive your order, a test kit is sent to you. It includes your at-home test kit with a buccal swab, instructions, and a return bag. Be sure to thoroughly follow the instructions.

2. Your sample is tested

Your buccal swab will be tested in our partnering NATA Accredited Australian lab. They will analyse the DNA in your swab to identify 45 SNPs over 37 genes.

3. You receive your results

You will receive a comprehensive 76 page report. Each health parameter is accompanied by an explanation and interpretation of your results with advice for practical changes. Recommendations are based on a rigorous review of all the current scientific literature that relates to your genetic
type. The Evidence Rating System explains the quality of the relevant scientific findings.

* Please note the information in this report doesn’t serve to diagnose any diseases or genetic defects, as it doesn’t predict the risk and likelihood of certain genetic outcomes. It is also not intended to treat, diagnose or cure any medical condition or disease.


With your test, you will receive:

  1. Your personal genetic wellness report.
  2. Personal guidance and education on your test results as well as follow up support as needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the difference with this Genetic Wellness Profile and other Genetic Tests?

Our Genetic Wellness profile only looks at gene sequences that can be modified by lifestyle changes. We are not identifying disease risk.

Why do I need a Genetic Wellness Profile?

We are all born with a unique blueprint and our aim is to lead a healthier life. Armed with the information provided we can choose and modify the best nutrition and exercise regimes that are more in line with our own genetic makeup.

Can I change my genetic profile?

You have your unique genetic profile for life, that does not change so this is a one off test for knowledge.

Does diet play a role in my Genetic results?

Diet plays a role in how your genetic results are expressed, however it cannot cause or change your genetic results.

What is the test method?

With a simple saliva swab this test uses the latest PCR gene sequencing technology.

Can I get this test via my GP?

You can order the test without going through your GP. Once you have your results you may choose to take these to your Health Care Practitioner for further advice.

Can I improve my health by understaning my genetic profile?

Yes you can improve how your genetics are expressed. Your DNA can load the gun but your health choices and lifestyle pull the trigger. By working with your test results and understanding the limitations you can change exercise and nutrition choices to improve important health parameters like body weight, metabolism, appetite & cravings, vitamin and mineral storage, fat storage, muscle and injury recovery and other aspects of wellbeing.

What can I expect from my results?

To be guided to make dietary and lifestyle changes for a healthier life. You will learn about the interactions between your lifestyle and how that can help modify the effects of your genes. You can identify genetic factors that contribute to, without being, the cause of your body weight, natural exercise and recovery patterns

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