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Fatty Acid Status Test

It’s hard to know if we are eating enough (or too much) fat, and which fats we need! This test will provide you with a profile of all the fats in your blood serum (mono/poly-unsaturated fats, saturated fats) as well as the incredibly important ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids. Tailor your intake of dietary or supplemented Omega 3 to suit your body’s requirements. Excellent to combine with your ImuPro food intolerance test to address inflammation, particularly if you are experiencing signs of omega 3 deficiency (eg. Depression, weight gain, heart disease, skin problems, difficulty concentrating or “brain fog”).

Ideally our intake of these essential fatty acids should be 1:1, however in Western Diets this ratio is more often 1:24! Diets high in Omega-6 and low in Omega-3 promote inflammation in the body, making this an invaluable test to determine whether dietary changes or omega-3 supplementation is necessary for optimum health.

The Fatty Acid Status can be a great tool done on its own, or when combined with the LipoScan, and/or Oxidated-LDL test, as part of the special LipoScan Concept Bundle.

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    Full therapist report based on analysis of your blood serum. You may like to take your results to your Practitioner.

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