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Advanced Cholesterol Tests + ImuPro Complete

The Advanced Cholesterol Tests + ImuPro Complete Bundle

ImuPro Complete 270:

The Comprehensive Companion

Our most popular flagship test and the most comprehensive IgG food intolerance test on the market. The ImuPro Complete tests 270 individual foods to provide you with the biggest possible picture of foods which could be contributing to your symptoms via chronic inflammation.

Advance Cholesterol Tests: Your ‘Unique Cholesterol Fingerprint’

LipoScan test
Reveals your true cardiovascular risk by going deeper than ordinary tests and analysing LDL ‘sub-fractions’. LDL sub-fractions are a type of fat particle in your blood. LDL sub-fractions can conceal a high-risk cholesterol problem – even when your overall level of LDL cholesterol is “normal.”
Oxidated LDL Test
Offers further analysis of arteriosclerosis risk and possible therapy through the identification of oxidised LDL cholesterol particles, an important biomarker for cardiovascular health which can be reduced with simple dietary measures.
Fatty Acid Status Test
Healthy levels of fatty acids are essential to production of good cholesterol, hormones and neurotransmitters . This test will provide you with a profile of all the fats in your blood serum as well as the incredibly important ratio of Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids so you can tailor your intake of Omega 3 to suit your body’s requirements.
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With your test, you will receive:
  • 1

    Analysis of 270 foods and additives. You will receive a comprehensive report with accurate results at a glance and personal nutritional guidelines which lead you through your change in diet.

  • 2

    Your results pack also includes a recipe booklet which is specifically tailored to your non-IgG reactive foods.

  • 3

    A separate therapist's report and a patient's booklet explaining your results of the Advanced Cholesterol Tests - it is recommended this is taken to your practitioner for further advice on treatments or follow up.

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