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Which food intolerance tests are accurate?

Not all diagnostic tests are created equal, and the same goes for identifying food intolerances. There are many food intolerance tests available that may not be accurate for different reasons.

Are you thinking of taking a food allergy or intolerance test but aren’t sure where to start? First consider these warning signs that could leave you with inaccurate results, no symptom relief, wasted money and minimal support.

You’re asked to send in a hair sample or finger prick.

When it comes to foods causing inflammation, you need to test the inflammatory marker IgG which is found in blood, not hair. There are no antibodies in hair. There are some antibodies in a blood finger prick. But it’s still not an ideal sample for accurate diagnosis of food allergies. ImuPro tests are all conducted on blood serum, which has the highest concentration of IgG antibodies towards foods and is drawn by a professional pathology collector and centrifuged so the sample is stable for testing. 

In other words, we test using only the most accurate methods and protocols so you know you’re getting accurate results. On top of this, with your blood serum sample you are able to upgrade your test and conduct other tests, for example histamine intolerance. 

The test costs less than your lunch.

If it looks too good to be true, it usually is. If your food allergy test seems too cheap and is forever on sale then something is amiss. Legitimate pathology companies have to cover the costs of specialised lab technicians, food testing materials, quality management certification to name a few.

All ImuPro testing plates have the CE mark of approval in Europe– which requires extremely strict quality control, reproducibility and QA standard of care.  All allergens tested with ImuPro have undergone individual In Vitro Diagnostic Regulation in Europe for registration and certification. We offer testing that adheres to legitimate protocols, produce accurate results that are overseen by our doctors.

You can’t call and speak to a consultant

Many people prefer to speak to an expert about their testing options. There are times when a specific test may not be the right diagnostic tool for you. So if there is no one to speak to, how do you know if you made the right choice? If you cannot call the company, alarm bells should be going off.

At ImuPro, our consultants are available by phone Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm Sydney time and we are always happy to answer your questions. We also have an In House Naturopath available to discuss your health. We are all real humans, available to help you every step of the way!

They don’t tell you the test method

Do you know exactly how they test for food sensitivities? What is the method used and is it reproducible? It’s important for health testing companies to have transparency. ImuPro tests for type 3 food allergies (aka IgG food intolerance) using the gold standard ELISA test method. We test all IgG subclasses 1-4 which induce inflammation. You can find out how the test works on our parent website.

They don’t tell you where the lab is

Purchasing a test for your health online can be daunting, and more so if you’re not confident in where you’re sending your sample to. The ImuPro team are located at 46 Market Street, Sydney and we are open for you to come in and drop your sample off in person if you live or work nearby. We also have a Laverty pathology on the fourth floor for your convenience. All our samples are sent to the ImuPro lab in Germany every Friday, which we have been doing for over 15 years.

If you have successfully avoided these 5 warning signs and would like your allergy test to provide accurate results, real symptom relief and genuine support from an Australian company trusted by GPs since 2006, click here schedule a consultation and get started.

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