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How to do the Provocation test the right way

Phase 2 of the ImuPro Concept is ‘Provocation’, which involves reintroducing previously eliminated foods back into your diet to check if there is a response. To make this process a little easier, you might like to start a provocation diary.

Here we have provided a table to help you to keep track of the reintroduced foods as well as the foods you need to avoid for one year. Just make some copies of this page and use it as a diary. Below you will find an example of how to use the table.

Practical tips:

  • Start with the foods with elevated levels (orange). You might like to start with the food you are missing the most.
  • Pick one food from this category to include in a meal. Make sure that you eat a sufficient amount of the food and that it is the pure form of the food rather than a processed form, e.g. for hazelnuts you would start with the whole nut and not with a hazelnut cake.
    Note this food and the date of the reintroduction in the table.
  • Note your health over the following three days and take your body weight daily. Do not reintroduce a new food yet.
  • Have you had any adverse symptoms? Did any symptom that disappeared during the elimination phase reoccur? Did your body weight increase by approximately 1 kg or more overnight? If not, then you may continue to eat this food once a week. Fill in “No” in the columns “Symptom / increase in body weight” and “Avoid 1 year”.
  • If any symptoms have reappeared or new ones have developed, then you need to avoid this food for at least one year. Note the symptoms in the column “Symptom / increase in body weight” and fill in “Yes” in the column “Avoid 1 year”. Then note the date one year from now in the column “Date of next provocation”.
  • Repeat these steps again for the other foods from this category with three days in between reintroductions. Then start on the foods
    with highly elevated levels (red).

Example of a provocation diary:

Note: you might find it easier to start the provocation phase with some of your favourite foods that were tested positive. This way, you will learn right away if your favourites cause symptoms to return or not. Please keep in mind that if these foods caused a reappearance of your symptoms you have to avoid them for at least one year. Afterwards you proceed with the foods from the category “elevated” as described above.

Here is a template you can use for your provocation diary:

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