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Are Delayed IgG Food Sensitivities Impacting Your Patients Behaviour?

It’s no secret that the food we eat can affect our behaviour.  In fact, it’s commonly understood that our gut influences our brain and vice versa.  

This is why, healthcare professionals should consider the potential role of delayed IgG food sensitivities in patients’ behavioural symptoms.  

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Common Behavioural Symptoms Linked to Delayed IgG Food Allergies 

Immediate allergic reactions to food are commonly recognised due to their sudden symptoms such as anaphylaxis, hives, or rashes. However, delayed IgG food intolerances and sensitivities can cause symptoms hours or even days after consuming the trigger food, making them harder to identify. These IgG reactions can impact various body systems, including the brain, and may lead to behavioural issues. Unfortunately, due to the delayed nature of these symptoms, they are often overlooked and the low grade inflammatory response is not typically linked to dietary factors. 

Delayed IgG food allergies have been linked to a range of behavioural symptoms. To understand how food intolerances can influence behaviour, we first need to understand the relationship between the brain and the gut. 

If your patient is intolerant to a specific food, an IgG reaction may be triggered when they eat that food. This could lead to the production of cytokines, inflammatory chemicals that can impact various areas of the body. This response could possibly influence how the individual feels both physically and emotionally, therefore potentially influencing behaviour. 

Some symptoms of IgG food allergies may include: 

  • Anxiety: heightened anxiety levels, may manifest as restlessness, uneasiness, or a constant feeling of worry. 
  • Irritability: irritability and mood swings, could cause individuals to feel easily agitated or frustrated. 
  • Brain Fog: cognitive symptoms, might include difficulty concentrating, memory issues, and a general feeling of mental cloudiness. 
  • Depression: feelings of sadness, low mood, or lack of interest can significantly impact overall well-being. 

The Role of ImuPro Testing in Assessing Delayed IgG Food Allergies 

ImuPro provides reliable testing for delayed IgG food allergies, to help you identify your patients’ specific food intolerances and allergies that may be contributing to their behavioural symptoms.  

The benefits of ImuPro testing include: 

  1. Extensive Food Panel: ImuPro provides scientifically validated IgG food allergy testing which tests up to 270 individual foods, enabling a thorough assessment of potential triggers. 
  2. Accuracy and Reliability: ImuPro, accredited with IVDR registration, ensures utmost precision and dependability. Your patients’ blood serum is meticulously tested in specialised, certified German labs using the medically-validated ELISA test method to ensure accurate and reliable results.
  3. Individualised Treatment Approach: Identifying specific trigger foods based on ImuPro test results can help design personalised dietary interventions and targeted treatment plans for your patients. By reducing the response caused by your patients consuming IgG-reactive foods, inflammation may be reduced, potentially improving behavioural symptoms. 
  4. Global Recognition: ImuPro is trusted by healthcare professionals in over 40 countries, and its effectiveness in identifying delayed IgG food allergies is well-established. 

Partner with ImuPro 

Recognising delayed IgG food sensitivities may be key to providing effective treatment and improving their overall well-being.

By referring patients for ImuPro testing, you can position yourself as an expert in the field of delayed IgG food allergies, ensuring that your patients receive comprehensive care and targeted treatment. 

As an ImuPro referral partner, ImuPro will provide you with extensive material for your patients, as well as professional advice to assist you in providing a high standard of quality care for your patients. 

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*All information is general and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice. 


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