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ImuPro Bundles Comparison

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The ImuPro Complete Bundle

Pinpoint underlying inflammation and measure your DAO enzyme activity by combining the ImuPro Complete with the DAO Histamine Intolerance Test.

AU$945.00 $845.00

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The ImuPro Complete + LipoScan Bundle

Combine ImuPro’s bundle of Advanced Cholesterol Tests with the ImuPro Complete 270 Test to receive a comprehensive picture of your health.


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The LipoScan Bundle

Combine the LipoScan Test, the Oxidated-LDL, and the Fatty Acid Status analysis to uncover your unique cholesterol fingerprint.


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It is quite easy to take the ImuPro test. It only requires a blood sample which will be sent to a specialised lab where it will be analysed. In just a few simple steps, you will have your ImuPro results emailed directly to you or your referring Practitioner

Get your blood drawn at Pathology
ImuPro lab performs your test
Receive your personal test results and comprehensive documents
Plan and begin your diet change!

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EOFY OFFER: SAVE UP TO $100 Limited Time Only

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