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ImuPro Complete 270 foods

The Comprehensive Companion

The ImuPro Complete could help you pinpoint a painful or uncomfortable undiagnosed condition, by testing 270 individual foods – the most comprehensive IgG test on the market.

Your blood will be analysed to determine the presence of IgG against each individual foodstuff, providing you with a detailed report of each food tested and the ones you have shown a reaction to.  Based on your results, these foods are then categorised into three groups: “not elevated”, “elevated” and “highly elevated”, offering you the basis for your elimination and provocation diet!

You will also be  provided with a recipe booklet personalised to your results as well as your personal nutrition guide to allow you to effectively manage your diet based on your test results.

Only the ImuPro Complete 270 test will also detect the presence of IgG antibodies in your blood toward Candida albicans – a commensal yeast that can become overgrown and increase the likelihood of developing food intolerances due to its actions on the intestinal lining. If you test positive for Candida albicans with ImuPro, this may indicate a past or present infection which should be confirmed via a stool analysis with your Practitioner.

What foods are tested?

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With your test, you will receive:
  • 1

    Analysis of 270 foods and additives (including the 90 foodstuffs of ImuPro Basic). It analyses the typical kinds of meat, vegetables, fruits, grains, milk and egg with a huge number of spices, tea, coffee, wine, as well as thickening agents and preservatives.

  • 2

    You will receive a comprehensive report with accurate results at a glance and personal nutritional guidelines which lead you through your change in diet.

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    Your results pack also includes a recipe booklet which is specifically tailored to your non-IgG reactive foods.