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ImuPro Basic 90 foods

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If you suspect you suffer from food intolerance, the ImuPro Basic test could be the first starting point in helping you pinpoint a painful or uncomfortable undiagnosed condition.

Your blood will be analysed against 90 common trigger foods to determine the presence of IgG against each individual foodstuff, providing you with a detailed report of each food tested and the ones you have shown a reaction to.  Based on your results, these foods are then categorised into three groups: “not elevated”, “elevated” and “highly elevated”, offering you the basis for your elimination and provocation diet!

You will also be provided with a personal nutrition guide to allow you to effectively manage your diet based on your test results.

What foods are tested?

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$399.00 AUD

With your test, you will receive:
  • 1

    Individual analysis of 90 most typical trigger foods such as meats, vegetables, fruits, cereals, dairy product and chicken eggs

  • 2

    Comprehensive report with accurate results at a glance

  • 3

    Your personal nutrition guidelines which include individual recommendations for your 4-day rotation